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Hi, I am Aimee. I own a business called Aim, Hi. Where I aspire to be your best friend when in need, your partner in life, your el comrade! I want to be your consultant, but in a best friend kind of way.. I am like your very own golden retriever, when you say "ol lassy" I aim to be here. Anything Inspires Me to be a happy influence, helpful innovator, handy inspirer, how-to interpreter. I aim to be here for you. Whether its a friendly consultant to help you get things done, whether it be someone to talk to to clean your house, doing the heap of laundry gawking at you daily, the dishes you know are molding, the taxes you still havent gotten done, the project you just cant seem to see the spark in putting to be the reflection of your fiery soul.. anything, well lets face it, everything you have trouble doing by yourself Im here to do it with you. As your coach, your consultant, your partner, but more-so Like a life-like Siri, but better. I'm Aim,. Hi, nice to meet you.

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Reno, Nevada, United States
English Native
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