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Hello my name is Morgan. If you are into the Myers Briggs personality type assessment, I am an INFJ. I am a good person to know and a good friend to have. I care deeply for all people and am warm, affectionate and grateful to share your company. I have a wide array of skills I can offer you. I am great at assessing your strengths and giving solid career advice. More than one person has come to me seeking career advice homeless and broken then five years down the road making 6 figures. I root them on the whole time as I watch them grow, thrive and become more financially successful. I think it is beautiful to watch people realize their strengths and achieve their dreams. I have also worked as a teacher. I am patient, kind and and more than willing to help people learn and practice speaking the English language. If you are an introvert looking to gain confidence and conversation skills. I am a compassionate empathetic and educated listener who is more than willing to be kind to you and watch your self esteem grow. I especially love these types of people. So don't be shy. Feel free to request a meeting. I am sure I will think you are wonderful. If there are any philosophical thinkers out there I am also that as well. I have a B.S. degree in Psychology and half a masters in Computer Science. I love helping people grow learn and become happy healthy successful and wise. My interests vary from the arts like painting, sketching and playing musical instruments to mathematics physics and computer knowledge. I am also into alternative healing like Reki etc... If you have any questions, concerns or would like to schedule a meeting let me know. I'm eagerly awaiting your message. Take care. I hope you have a blessed day. :).

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