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Well I am me, I couldn't be anyone else if I tried. And trust me, been there..tried that. I appreciate spending my time with value. I love my family and I love my job. My time has always been valuable to me, because there never seems to be enough of it in a day. I enjoy being outside. Just sitting in the sunlight feels wonderful. Hearing my children laugh and enjoy life is the absolute best. You can catch me playing video games cursing like a sailor. Shooting some pool, laughing about the bad shots and acting like I tried to make the good ones. I enjoy being genuine. It sounds odd to say..but the world needs more of it. I like being silly, I like being serious. I appreciate being quite, and at other times loud is the only volume level I have. Poetry is pretty cool, when it means something. Now hockey on the other hand, well that's really cool. Playing it is fun, and hooting and hollering at the games is too cool! I am an open book. Let's talk about life. Let's talk about death.. And everything in between. Lets have deep, meaningful conversations. What makes you tick? What makes you triggered?

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Baltimore, Maryland, United States
English Native
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