Arts and Crafts

Whatever your art form of choice, it always helps to have someone else to talk about it. Whether you need a mentor to teach you, or someone to just review your art before it is finalized, a Friend could be what is missing in your creative journey!

Books and Literature

In today’s world, people who read books or poetry are becoming rare. Finding a Friend with the same taste and interest in literature that you have can be just the outlet you need when you have to discuss your favorite authors and no one you know even cares.

Cooking and Baking

The art of the kitchen is being lost to our generation, but those who excel in it can impress their friends and family, as well as lead much healthier lives! It may seem intimidating to the novice, but with a Friend as a mentor, you will be creating culinary masterpieces in no time!

Etiquette and Social Interaction

Maybe you feel like your social skills could use some polish, but don’t know exactly how to get that experience on your own without embarrassing yourself. Sometimes a Friend is exactly what you need to help you practice those important social interactions. A Friend can help you prepare for that job interview, or other crucial event so that you feel completely at ease.

Find a Mentor

Sometimes, when we are surrounded with people just like ourselves, it can be hard to know if the advice we are getting is wise. An older, wiser, more experienced voice – or the advice of a qualified expert – can be exactly what we need to find our way.


On the other hand, maybe you have all too many people in your life who want to give you advice. Maybe you just need someone that will just be a sympathetic listener and talk with you – about whatever is on your mind! This is at the heart of’s mission. Whether you decide to be phone buddies, pen pals, FaceBook friends, or other is up to you.

Fitness Buddy

Trying to lose weight or tone up? Studies show that those who do these activities with social support are much more effective at keeping on track than those who go it alone! You can also find people to teach you whatever you’re into – yoga, tai chi, weight training, dancing, and so on.


There are so many types of games in the world, and only a few of them are meant to be played alone. Board games, online games, roleplaying games, console games, games of chance or skill, card games - all of these are much more fun if they are shared with a friend!


Whether you just need to practice with a native speaker, or you want to learn a whole new tongue, the experts say that the best practice is to immerse yourself in the language and speak it often.

Movies and Television

When you are dying to talk about the movie you just saw, or discuss what might happen in the next episode of your favorite television show, a Friend can be just the ticket!


The world of music is changing for the better, thanks to the internet, but it can be confusing and frustrating trying to find new music you like. A Friend who shares your love of music will love to talk to you about albums, tip you off to some great new bands or genres of music, and swap videos or pictures of your favorite artists!

Pen Pal

This is the inspiration for the concept. While all of these activities can be done online, there is something special about getting a piece of mail from another country, and you can certainly become literal pen pals with your Friend if that is what you’re looking for.


Thanks to social media and cheaper and better digital cameras, everyone seems to be a photographer these days! Learn more about the craft with a knowledgeable Friend.

Philosophy and Religion

Are you curious about other points of view and systems of belief? Or do you simply need encouragement and growth in an already established religion that you adhere to? Trying to learn to meditate but just get lost? Talk to a Friend and enrich your life.

Psychics and Astrology

Whether you believe you have a gift and are looking to develop it, or want to know what the cards and stars have in store for you, the right friend might be just the advisor you’re looking for.


Today, all the best deals are online, but internet shopping takes away that experience of going to the mall with your best buds. A Friend can provide that missing element.


Whether you participate in sports, or are just a fan, you can find a Friend to discuss your fantasy teams, the game last night, improving your golf swing, how to run longer and faster, and so on.

Tourism and Travel

Whether you want to be a virtual tourist, exploring new countries and cultures from the safety of your home, or actually need to talk to an expert to prepare for a trip of your own, a Friend can fill this need in many creative ways.

Writing Workshops

Many people want to be writers, but haven’t taken that first step towards writing because they need someone to look at their work. It can be awkward to ask people you know in your daily life to review your work, because they might not be totally honest, or they might judge you for what you are writing and be discouraging. Getting a Friend to read your writing, and give you critically needed feedback can be the kick start your writing career needs.


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