A new fresh look - a more dynamic platform

a new fresh look a more dynamic platform

The Rentacyberfriend.com is an adventurous and bountiful way to do what you do best and make money as well for your time and service.

There's no easier way to make friends online! It’s special, it’s different, and it’s fun.

It’s meant to be shared. And most importantly, it’s got soul, reason and purpose.

I’m excited to announce the new Rentacyberfriend.com

This is a platform that reminds us why we do what we do. Empower new friends online, with talent that provides their valuable time, service and story to new people across the globe. To people that need friends like you.

We’re launching a new platform May 1, 2015, that is connecting people all over the world. Check it out: Rentacyberfriend.com

You can start making friends right away, and earning cash for your time and service as well.

Starting May 1,2015, all Members will be able to post gigs* asking Cyber Friends (you) to respond to their gigs. That way you will be able to earn more money quickly and easily. Of course, you will also be able to post a gig and attract other Cyber Friends in the normal way.

We want to make sure you feel rewarded for being a part of our community.

If you have any comments or suggestions as we continue to grow and improve our platform, please reach out to me personally at cs@rentacyberfriend.com

Share your friendship all over the Globe!

Chris Siametis
Founder and CEO, Rentacyberfriend.com


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