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Hi! I'm a half-Welsh half-British girl in her late 20s, INFJ, creative writer, optimist, mental health survivor, high-functioning Aspie, gamer (PC, Xbox, Switch), Star Wars, (and yes) Star Trek, Stargate, Farscape, (etc.) and LoTR enthusiast and all things Space. I'm an avid reader of fantasy, sci-fi, mysteries and just about anything but horror and romance novels/books (although, I do like a good romance like some of Jane Austen's books, but it's rare). I'm a good listener, an empath (I can feel what you feel, which help me better understand if you're going through things, etc.), I can offer lots of tips and advice about various things (including but not limited to mental health, relationships, etc.), I can even life coach if you prefer and studied psychology and sociology (at least) in College. If you need help with homework, or any writing including essays and papers, English/writing is my forte. I can also sing pretty, so if you want a music partner for online karaoke (such as Smule Sings!, I can do that). I like pretty much all pets/animals and have a 13 year old pet cat named Teddy. He's part Maine Coon and part Bobcat and very sweet. P.S. I'm not looking to be in a relationship (I'm already taken), though I am one of the most loyal and kind (at least) friends you'll ever know/meet.

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