Frequently Asked Questions

RACF Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you need someone to talk to? Someone with similar goals, identity, interests, and hobbies. Someone that can connect to you on what really matters to you?

Introducing. Rent a Cyber Friend.

Our Community of regular, fun to be with people who have similar interests can connect with you. From Sports, To Relationship, To Politics, To Entertainment. ANYTHING!

Video chat with real people and make deep connections. Get A chance to follow and video chat with your favorite influencers and celebrities.

You can also Become a Cyberfriend and start earning today.

With RentACyberFriend, the possibilities are endless.

Every cyberfriend has different charges and prices can be as low as $0.1 per minute.

The first minute of every call is free, we start charging from the 2nd minute.

Filter Online Cyberfriends with interest tags, categories, gender, etc.

It may take one or two calls before you find the best person to share your time with but it’ll be worth it when you do find your ideal Cyberfriend.

You would need to first add money to your wallet. uses to process this.

You only pay for accepted calls and actual minutes spent on a call. No more, no less.

You should only declare your personal details that you are happy to publicize. We take your privacy seriously and we do not sell your data to third parties.

No. Rent A CyberFriend is not a dating or sex site.

Be careful of releasing your personal information to anyone for your own safety. Report anyone who solicits for sexual favors or exhibits other forms of inappropriate behaviors.

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