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Hello, my name is Rita, and I graduated from lagos state university in Nigeria with a degree in Business Administration. I was born in 1999 and have always enjoyed keeping myself busy with hobbies like swimming and reading.currently I'm working as PA in Benin cotonou I consider myself to be a friendly and supportive person who is always happy to be with others. I believe that being a good listener is one of my strongest qualities, and I always strive to approach situations with integrity, honesty, and confidentiality. Throughout my academic and personal experiences, I have developed a deep passion for working collaboratively with others towards achieving common goals. I value the importance of confidentiality and understand that maintaining it is essential in building trust and respect within a team or organization. I am excited to bring my positive attitude, diverse skill set, and commitment to confidentiality to any discussion or support. if you are feeling lonely and you need someone you want to share your pains and thought with i am just a call away, SHARE THOSE PAIN AND THOUGHT TODAY AND BE FREE ❤?✔?✌

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cotonou, Benin
English Near Native/ fluent
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