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Hi there! I'm typically a loner because I feel that has been the best way to survive but thanks for stopping by my profile. I have always considered myself the best confidante one could bond with. Whether our relationship is platonic or nonplatonic I have the capacity to value you're wholeness and boundaries whatever that might be. As a US Military Veteran I was instilled with Integrity, Safety, Teamwork, & Accountability, which I have taken to heart. I know we live in a crazy world but that does not mean you have to feel alone. I want to be your stable empathetic sounding board for all your worries and concerns. Reciprocity is key to friendship and as well as discretion. I vow to uphold all of these values and principles I have stated thus far. And as intimidating as my vocabulary (Or appearance) may seem I am just a sensitive, sweet, and hilarious person to be around. I am multi layered, depending on the others behavior and perception of me. I am polite up until I feel trampled upon (Again Reciprocity). I will go to war for the people I love and personal preservation. No one around me will ever question if I have your back. I do not behave like a coward. If there is ever a miscommunication I will immediately highlight it to resolve and let the chips fall where they may. I do not have two faces. I want to be that person who you can see a lasting bond with or just temporary. I look forward to your call, Cassie ♡♡♡

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Reno, Nevada, United States
English Native
Spanish, Castilian Basic
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