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Looking for someone to simply listen? Someone you can think out loud with? Would you like a soothing expressive voice to read you a story or an article? Or someone to help you compose a message for a greeting card or help you edit something you’re writing? I would love to be here for you. Although I have traveled in the US, Europe and Central America, I find adventures wherever I live! My partner and I had fun furnishing our Philadelphia house entirely from the street and from gifts. My parents welcomed Stanford University students from around the world into our family, so I learned early to speak clearly -- and to understand many accents! And I enjoy learning and playing with languages - Spanish, German, French, a bit of Russian, even a tiny bit of Chinese and Hungarian. I lived for 29 years in intentional communities. Recently, I was my sister’s caregiver for the last 2 years of her life -- a powerful healing and heart-opening experience for both of us. I am drawn to spirituality - from my rather strict religious upbringing to the loving open-hearted practices I enjoy now. I can’t wait to meet you and see what we have to share!

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
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