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Hello! My name is Xavier. I am a spiritual being experiencing a human life. I sincerely find so much joy in having deep conversations, from being able to get vulnerable & open up, to just joking and having a great time hanging out! My favorite kind of talks are the ones that have you questioning all existence itself, from what happens after death, to if you believe in ghost or the possibility of their being aliens out there somewhere. I am proudly gay & welcome all kinds of people with open arms! 🏳️‍🌈 INTEREST: I enjoy deep conversations, our mother Earth/ nature, board games, video games, YouTube watching, music sharing, learning new cooking recipes, conversations about life, learning new hobbies, cleaning the house together, chilling & listening to music, being vulnerable and comfortable with others without negative judgments. Meditations, yoga, reading books! (Safe vibes, peaceful vibes) I believe we all need to be kinder & more gentle on ourselves. I accept you without any harsh judgments, know that you are safe with me! Hope we can connect one day & find some joy in one another's company. Be kind to yourself, friend! See you soon!

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McKinney, Texas, United States
English Native
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