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Greetings future friends! My tastes are somewhat eclectic, not unlike my life. I adore traveling, I miss it; but until I work up the courage to head out there again, I'd appreciate living vicariously through you. I'd love to hear about where you're from and where you've been, where you'd like to go and who you know. I enjoy nature, animals, art, crafts, photography, conservation, sustainability, DIY projects, reading, mysteries, history (interesting aspects, not the boring stuff they teach us in school), mythology, strangers, '90s movies, a variety of music: showtunes, classics, alt-rock, indie, some pop. I love to learn new things and meet new people. I'm quite curious and take joy in the diversity of life. I'm not sober but I've been to anonymous meetings with my loved ones. I think love and friendship are about more than being exactly like the people in your environment. I like having common interests with other people and all but I think our differences are what makes life so interesting. I have considerable experience with crisis intervention, conflict resolution, advocacy and support services. I'm familiar with many coping skills for life's assorted challenges; so if you need support, have something to talk through, or if you're just trying to kill time, I may be the friend for you. I'm also a certified ESL instructor, so I'm an excellent buddy for students and learners of English. Some days I'm blessed to be an occasional host to an adorable "community cat". She's taking a nap on my/her bed right now. She comes and goes, but hopefully you'll be lucky enough to catch of glimpse. Life is full of little surprises. :-)

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Taunton, Massachusetts, United States
English Native
Spanish, Castilian Basic
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