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Hello ! I am Cesar but you can call me Ces. (Also if you want to practice English/Spanish we can do that!) I enjoy observing things, small details in life astonish me, the Fibonacci sequence that is to be found on fruits, plants, and nature. I have a great view out of my window and I can see the cable cars zipping above the houses in the vicinity. The birds chirp and I can hear children play, a dog or two barks in the distance. It's usually a calm day around here. I truly enjoying taking in all the sounds, the smells, the tastes at times. I want to share my art with people but have always had a notion that maybe, just maybe, its not that good. I speak English and Spanish (Mexican Spanish) Have been a translator for the past 8 or so years and love helping people out. Most days its easy going but sometimes the phone line keeps bringing in misery after misery. I play a lil' dnd here and there, just recently started to get into it, I love story telling, and spinning a web of stores that will link up eventually, or maybe have nothing to do with anything in particular, like this sentence. I live in Mexico City currently and would enjoy hearing hat you have to say about your home town. Have any good stories? I want to hear it! Do you want to hear a made up story I can come up with anything.

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Mexico City, Mexico
English Native
Spanish, Castilian Native
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