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ok i have a theory that if you want to feel more comfortable talking to people, less alone, and capable of building relationships, nothing will get you there faster than traveling around the world alone. yes, correct, this is obviously completely impractical. but i've done it, so be my friend? wow thank you for making it through my schtick - hi, i'm katie, a travel writer based in nyc, and this is the best intro i could come up with on the spot so stay tuned for a better bio. i brought up the travel thing because it has taught me that there is literally nothing i love more than getting to know people and making friends. when you're alone in a new place, you're kind of forced to put yourself out there. and i love it! i feel like talking to strangers is hardly strange, because in no time, we won't be strangers anymore! whenever i've been in a group situation and have been forced to share one word to describe me (almost as bad as the dreaded "fun fact"), the word that always comes to mind is "curious". i truly love to learn, which means i have an (honestly overwhelming) amount of interests, so odds are we already share something in common. we can talk about what we ate for breakfast this morning. share crazy life stories. share mundane life stories. vent about relationships, school, or work. talk sports. comedy. music. movies, tv, conspiracy theories, your niche interests, my niche interests, OUR niche interests. whether you wanna question the purpose of humankind together, gossip about the latest pop culture moment, or literally just vibe... i'm here for it. whatever is on your mind, i wanna hear what you have to say and get to know you. i have some extra time on my hands when i'm not traveling, so i figured i'd give this a shot to get to know more people and hopefully make some friends. if you're shy, don't worry, i promise i'm easy to talk to, and if talking to strangers feels awkward, remember literally every friend starts out as a stranger. don't be one and hit me up!

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new york, New York, United States
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