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About RentaCyberFriend.com

RentACyberFriend.com is a new meeting platform based on the concept of the pen pal, updated for today’s digital and mobile world! Cyber Friends are offering a variety of services available to Visitors/Users.

Visitors can browse Gigs or profiles of Cyber Friends and request a Gig, or rent the services of a virtual friend at the published hourly rate. To post a Gig, you must be a RentaCyberFriend Member.

A Cyber-Friend can earn money and meet new people offering their time at the rate they choose.

As a Cyber-Friend, you can meet and interact with interesting new people the world over! Create a Cyber-Friend profile and make yourself available for other people to “RENT you” for any service you are offering. For example, you might be able to give them a scoop of your city, or to teach them how to cook lasagna, or just to talk and give them life advice. Each Cyber Friend sets their own preferences, and different people have different services to offer.

If you have knowledge, skill and expertise in any subject, or maybe just a passion for your hobby or special interest, as a Cyber-Friend you can offer this expertise for sale.

If you are simply looking for friendship, an interesting conversation or someone to hang out with for a while, you can offer your company too. For example, if someone is feeling lonely, and wants to chat and interact with a new friend, you can talk with them. Are you an expert on your own city? Do you know the best sights, shows, restaurants and events, and maybe the good and bad hotels? A Cyber-Friend planning to visit, might really appreciate having the knowledge in advance. Could you offer a language-learner help with their conversation practice or grammar?

These are all services you can sell over an Internet connection with your Cyber-Friend Buyer. Check out the Gigs and Categories for ideas on services you can offer.

A user or visitor to the site can rent a Cyber-Friend for a Gig offered by the Cyber-Friend. To browse the Activities, find a Gig and rent a Cyber-Friend, you do not have to sign up as a Member. However if you do sign up and become a member of RentaCyberFriend.com, you can also post Gigs to earn money. Browse the Categories to find the Gig you need.

Friendship and Interaction with Cyber-Friends

Absolutely not. This is not a dating or sex site. There are plenty of other places on the Internet if you're looking for that type of thing. We take your safety seriously and we expect you to, as well. We urge Visitors/Users and Cyber-Friends alike to use good judgement and be careful about releasing personal information to anyone, for their own safety. If anyone tries to solicit sexual favors or exhibits other inappropriate or abusive behaviour, please report that individual to us immediately!

We recommend all our Cyber-Friend Members and Visitors/Users spend virtual time to get to know the other person through the site email address (or other means of contact) that is not easily connected with you on a physical level. If you are careful with your online communication, or when you become more comfortable with each other, you might want to exchange more points of contact, such as social media, etc. Please show extreme caution giving out your personal information! Your safety is our priority. If anyone solicits sexual favors, sends you images or text you find offensive and outside the bounds of the User Agreement, immediately report that person to us and suspend all contact.

Check out the Gigs Page. You can also search for Activity or a Hobby in the cyber friends profile page.

Use your imagination! Learn a new language, talk about your passions and interests - art, football, or travel. Sometimes you want a friend who will listen, and maybe nobody in your life at the moment fits that need. Perhaps you want someone to tell your craziest dreams to, or your ambitions, someone to bounce ideas off. With luck, you'll find the right Cyber-Friend who will talk straight with you - not mock you or fail to take you seriously. You'll soon know who your real Cyber-Friends are. Not sure where to start? We have an Activities page to get you going, and after that, the sky's the limit, (but keep it decent - remember we're not a dating site, and to respect the User Agreement.


Contact us through the Support Page and submit a ticket to describe your problem to us. We'll endeavor to help you as soon as we can. There's a link at the top on the Navigation Bar, or you can email us at support@rentacyberfriend.com

You should only declare on your Profile details about yourself that you are happy to publicise. We take your privacy seriously and we do not sell your data to third parties or third party advertisers.

How it Works

To sell your companionship, advice or expertise, sign up and create a Cyber-Friend Profile. Follow the prompts on the screen.

  • In 1. Briefly describe yourself and the activities or hobbies that interest you, so buyers can identify with you.
  • Profile Photo. Upload a pic of yourself In 2.
  • In 3.Contact & Payment, select the options you require.
  • In 4. Interests & Language, select your languages and then choose up to 10 interests. These act as 'tags' that bring your profile up in searches by Cyber-Friends looking for similar interests, and connect you with them.
  • Complete 5. General Settings, Save your Profile and that's it! We'll send you a confirmation email and you can activate your account and start selling!

No. A Visitor/User can buy services or Gigs on the site, but cannot post a Gig. Only registered Members can sell services, and you need to make your Profile public. It's easy to sign up and start with the free Basic Membership if you want to start selling and earn cash.

You must be a RentaCyberFriend Member to post a Gig. Once you've created your account (it's free!), log in to your account and select the "+Add a Gig" button. Follow the prompts to give your Gig a title and a brief description, then complete the price and time elements and click on the "Complete the Final Step" button at the bottom of the page to post your Gig.

You can access the menu of Gigs by clicking the "Browse Gigs" button from the Home Page. Make your choices to apply the filters and click on "Search". You can also search for RentaCyberFriend Members and check out their profiles. On the Navigation Bar on the Home Page, select "Search" and you'll go to the "Find a Cyber Friend" Page where you can define your search to pull up a selection of profiles.

In a nutshell...

You can become a Cyber-Friend by signing up and creating a public profile.

Visitors/Users can browse Gigs for free, in order to buy services they have to sign up to the site.

As a registered Cyber-Friend you can both post Gigs and request Gigs.

Pricing and Costs

The good news is the Basic Membership is free! After that, you can choose Gold, Silver or Bronze Membership, depending on how much activity you think you will have per month.

For a fixed price, Cyber-Friend Sellers can post a clearly defined Gig, which is separate from their hourly service. For example, a Seller might state they offer Gourmet Cooking advice and chat to a Buyer about cooking for an agreed period of time. Also, they might post a Gig "How to make a perfect Lasagna" for a published price. This could be presented as a step-by-step video, or as a 15 minute live instruction, for example.

When you request a Gig, the money you pay goes into the RentaCyberFriend Escrow account. We do not release the cash to the seller until you have confirmed you have received the service as advertised. We have a Resolution Procedure also, to try and resolve disputes in a friendly way.


In order to signup you must accept the Terms and Conditions.

Verify your email

Step 1:

Press the "Send me a Verification Code" button to send you an email with the Verification Code.

Note: verification code will be sent at: 

If you do not receive an email in the next 10 minutes, please check your SPAM folder or try again by pressing the "Send me a Verification Code" button again

Step 2:

Enter the verification code in the field below and press Verify and Send my Contact Details button to verify the code and send your contact details to the cyber friend.

Verification Code is valid for 24 hours!




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