What is a Cyber Friend?

As a Cyber Friend you can earn money and meet new people. Offer your skills and your available time at the rate you choose. Here you can meet and interact with interesting new people the world over!

As a Cyber Friend you can create a profile and make yourself available for other people to “rent you” for any service you offer. For example, you can give them a scoop of your city, or to teach them how to cook lasagna, or just to talk and give them advice for life.

As a Cyber Friend you can charge for your time and services online. You can earn cash and grow your network of friends and contacts.

Simply choose the communication tool by which they can reach you, such as SKYPE, Gtalk, MSN, or any other available platform of communication, which you can both access.

How to create your Cyber Friend Profile

  1. Register to create your account.
  2. Log in and go to your Dashboard.
  3. In your Dashboard, complete your Profile by adding your Name, Username (optional), upload a Photo (optional) and add your skills and hobbies to the List My Skills section.

Tip: Cyber Friends with photos attract more Requests, because it's always nice to put a face to a name.

Note: You must make your Profile public if you want to request Gigs.

How our charges work

Posting a Gig

When you post a Gig, you set the amount you wish to pay (in USD) to the Requester (seller) you choose.

You will need to deposit the amount plus 3.5% into the RentaCyberFriend Escrow Account, via PayPal. For example, if you are asking for conversation for one hour at $10, then you will prepay $10.35 into our Escrow Account. We hold the cash until your Gig is satisfactorily completed, and then we will pay it over to your Cyber Friend Requester (seller).

Being Paid for Doing a Gig

The Requester is paid for the service they provide, when they have completed the Gig with the Buyer. We take a commission of 10%, so for example, a Gig that's worth $10 will pay the Requester $9.

Your RentaCyberFriend Wallet

Requesters (sellers) earn cash when they do Gigs posted by Cyber Friend buyers. The money you earn (less 10%) is paid into your Wallet. You can withdraw money from your Wallet once it contains $75 or more. You can choose to be paid via PayPal or check by mail.

Payments made for Memberships or for posting a Gig are non-refundable.

RentaCyberFriend Membership Upgrades

Basic 10 Requests per month Free
Bronze Unlimited Requests per 1 month $19
Silver Unlimited Requests per 3 months $29
Gold Unlimited Requests per 6 months $49
Platinum Unlimited Requests per 12 months $69

The RentaCyberFriend Trust Shield

Our trust shield guarantees that we will hold your buyer's cash in our Escrow account until your Gig is completed and you release authorisation to pay your Requester (seller).

Arbitration procedure in the event of dispute

In the event a dispute arises between the Buyer Posting a Gig, and the Seller (Requester) providing the service, we apply an Arbitration Procedure. This works as follows.

We ask Buyer and Seller to reconsider, discuss it and to come to an agreement.

If this fails, either party can request escalation of the dispute, for consideration by Management. The decision Management makes is final, and must be accepted by both parties without further recourse.


In order to signup you must accept the Terms and Conditions.

Verify your email

Step 1:

Press the "Send me a Verification Code" button to send you an email with the Verification Code.

Note: verification code will be sent at: 

If you do not receive an email in the next 10 minutes, please check your SPAM folder or try again by pressing the "Send me a Verification Code" button again

Step 2:

Enter the verification code in the field below and press Verify and Send my Contact Details button to verify the code and send your contact details to the cyber friend.

Verification Code is valid for 24 hours!




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